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Alan D. Lundberg

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To whom it may concern:

Alan D. Lundberg

I am pleased to present a character and professional reference for Horizon Assembly.

While employed as a production engineer by Timing Solutions Corporation (TSC) in Boulder, Colorado, I had an opportunity to work very closely with Horizon Assembly for about two years (2000-2002). They provided electronic contract manufacturing services for TSC during my time there and for several years prior to my hiring.

Horizon Assembly has always been very responsive to TSC’s schedule requirements, oftentimes working nights and weekends to meet customer requirements. In my professional opinion, their involvement with TSC has contributed greatly to the success TSC enjoys today.

I was very impressed with their quality of work. I have extensive experience with aerospace, military, and industrial soldering standards/specifications, and have found Horizon Assembly's work to be consistently of the highest quality. They possesses something that seems to be largely lost in today’s work environment−pride in his workmanship.

If you should have any questions or desire additional information regarding my association and working with Horizon Assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Alan D. Lundberg

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