Professional References

SoFTA Corporation:

SoFTA is a Broomfield, Colorado based company manufacturing Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD). Founded in 1993, SoFTA's partners originally worked with each other, together with Horizon Assembly Company, while employed by another industry-related company in nearby Boulder, Colorado. When that firm downsized, the core group determined they had the skills and desire to continue advancing technology that has resulted in the finest performing and most affordable ELSD on the market today. Horizon Assembly currently performs all mechanical and some electronic assembly services for this company. Read what SofTA Corp. has to say about us.

B&B Industries:

Douglas Grush owns B&B Industries, a custom job shop located in Broomfield, Colorado. Horizon has enjoyed a very satisfying working relationship with B&B for well over 15 years, and we can always count on Mr. Grush as a resource partner for production parts, custom machine work and packaging solutions. Read what B&B Industries has to say about us.

Timing Solutions Corp:

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Timing Solutions is an OEM designer/manufacturer of custom clocks that measure time in pico-seconds. The company began as a four-person R&D/manufacturing facility in the early 1990s, and Horizon Assembly was proud to be a member of the original group. For 10 years, Horizon assembled virtually every aspect of the company's mechanical and electronic components, including the design and manufacturer of all semi-rigid coaxial cabling. In 2003, and after the company had expanded to several thousand square feet to support over 50 in-house personnel, Horizon was ready to move on to new challenges. Read what Timing Solutions Corp. has to say about us.

Baseline Industries:

A competitor in the chromatography industry, Horizon Assembly has not performed any assembly services directly for Baseline-Mocon. However, we were familiar with the local ownership and they were considered a resource. This reference letter was offered by a former Baseline engineer who, while previously employed by Sievers Instruments in Boulder, Colorado, contracted assembly services with Horizon. Read what Baseline-MOCON, Inc. has to say about us.

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